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Stark County, Ohio, Personal Injury Lawyer

You may be injured in any number of ways other than being involved in a motor vehicle collision. If you or a loved one have suffered from auto accident, nursing home negligence, premise liability, construction site accidents, defective products, or any other personal injury issue, you may have a case.

Larry Slagle is an experienced personal injury lawyer with the skills to present your case to the insurance company. While many matters may not need a lawyer, complex legal rules involved in your particular claim, or the severity of your injuries might cause your compensation to vary greatly from the norm and you will need assistance. Too often an insurance company refuses to settle a matter in good faith.

Personal injuries can be catastrophic for you and your family, causing loss of wages, debt, mental, and emotional stress, in addition to the time-consuming efforts of physical rehabilitation. Larry Slagle and hisexperienced staff offer sympathetic representation that helps you along the path to recovery.

At the start of your personal injury case, Larry will articulate a plan to address your concerns about getting a fair personal injury settlement. Whether the issue is lost wages, health insurance, bills, records, working with a doctor, or securing a settlement needed to ensure long-term care, he will explain how the process will work to accomplish all your legal goals. Larry is your dedicated advocate throughout the life of your personal injury case just as he has been for many others during his career. Larry’s experienced congenial staff is available to answer your non-legal questions and will be more than happy to assist you in your case.

Ask your friends, acquaintances, or other lawyers about Larry and his dedication to representation of injured persons.

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